16th April 2020

A message from Curium on COVID-19 and our actions

The COVID-19 outbreak impacts all of us around the world. Aligned with our mission, Curium is focused on our people and patients – protecting the safety of our employees and securing a reliable supply of our life-saving imaging and therapeutic products to our customers and patients across the globe. That is our unique responsibility, and we factor that responsibility into every decision we make.

Maintaining the safety of our teams and communities in which we live and work

  • We are dedicated to achieving several goals: keeping the COVID-19 infection off our campuses, focusing on the health and safety of our employees, their families, our customers and patients under the premise of “Life Forward”, while ensuring the continuity of business operations.
  • In addition to specific travel guidance from public health organizations and governments, we are restricting business travel and encouraging our employees, customers and partners to collaborate virtually.
  • We are adopting remote working where possible. Where on-site operations are required, our employees are advised to adopt social distancing. We have also restricted all external visitors from our sites, established enhanced sanitizing and cleaning procedures, implemented daily temperature checks and other precautionary measures to reduce the risk of exposure.

We are focused on ensuring continuity of business operations and supply of medical isotopes

  • We know the paramount importance of reliably delivering our nuclear medicine products to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality control at every stage. At Curium, this is our priority
  • Curium is working hard to provide a consistent supply of material for our customers while dealing with unprecedented disruptions to supply chains, increased complexities and costs.
  • We are proud to report that we have been able to continue to reliably supply PET and SPECT products to meet our customer’s demand, despite the increased challenges of COVID-19. All our key production sites are fully operational, shifting production schedules to adjust to frequent changes in our supply and distribution network. As 70% of our SPECT products regular routings were closed due to flight cancellations our Logistics teams opened up 60+ new airfreight routes sometimes in a matter of hours after closure of an existing route. Our Purchasing team has enhanced sourcing to ensure stocks of critical supplies. All our employees remain focused on the reliable supply of our imaging and therapeutic products to customers and patients across the globe.
  • Our sites across the globe, have developed containment guidelines, preventive and response strategies and multi-layered contingency plans to keep our facilities safe and the supply chains open.
  • We are working closely with health authorities, industry bodies and the governments in affected countries to ensure people can get access to diagnostics and healthcare.
  • We will navigate COVID-19 together to ensure patients have access to the diagnostic studies and treatments they desperately need

We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to the many health care providers and volunteers who are doing so much to help affected patients and communities around the world. Our thoughts are with thousands of families who have lost their loved ones and with tens of thousands of patients who are still battling their way through.