Renaud Dehareng named as one of CEO Today's top Healthcare CEOs

16th November 2019

CEO Today Healthcare Awards Winner 2019

Curium is pleased to announce that CEO Today Magazine has named its chief executive officer, Renaud Dehareng, as one of the top CEOs in its 2019 Healthcare Awards edition.

Renaud was appointed as Curium’s CEO when the company was formed in early 2017, with a vision of developing the company into a global leader in nuclear medicine. Now the world’s largest vertically-integrated nuclear medicine company with an extensive portfolio of products, Curium operates in over 60 countries and provides life-saving diagnosis and treatment supporting more than 14 million patients per year.

Renaud cites the formation of Curium as one of the accomplishments as CEO that he is most proud of, explaining that:

“Nuclear medicine has existed for over 60 years, and our biggest success has been to pull together Curium and to create a player in the industry which can provide clients with reliable supply for a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality nuclear medicine products. This combination of capabilities was not accessible to clients before Curium”.

Looking ahead to the future, Renaud plans to drive Curium forward and launch several innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products in the next few years:

“Curium is a game-changer in terms of bringing innovation to nuclear medicine: we have the capability to deliver the current nuclear medicine products better, faster and with higher levels of reliability and compliance, which is necessary as a starting point. We are now moving and using this infrastructure, assets, skills and people to bring new solutions into the nuclear medicine market”.

In the coming years, Curium ambitions to expand its presence in Asia where nuclear medicine is still in its early stages and participate in the development and distribution of radiopharmaceutical products for therapeutic indications. The group will continue to strive towards bringing to physicians and hospitals innovative radiopharmaceuticals, to address unmet needs, for the benefit of patients in the oncology, cardiology and neurology indications.

Putting patient care at the heart of our company’s mission, Curium is focused on delivering an uninterrupted supply of world-class products that empower our customers to improve health outcomes and lives going forward.

View the awards publication here.