our history in nuclear medicine

Celebrating 30 years of commitment to the NET community

Curium has been harnessing the power of nuclear medicine to transform patients’ lives for over a century.

Curium has been a steadfast supporter of the NET community for 30 years. Since 1994, our commitment to patients, healthcare professionals, and patient advocacy groups has driven our efforts to advance diagnostic solutions for NETs.

Our continuous innovation in this field exemplifies our dedication to enhancing the accuracy of NET detection and diagnosis.

Education, advocacy, & research

Proudly supporting the NET community for 30 years

No patient should ever have to battle cancer alone. Together, we can take on NETs from diagnosis to beyond. We partner with patient advocacy groups that provide a voice for the NET community by spreading awareness, supporting patients and caregivers, and funding research. Discover how these organizations are committed to supporting the NET community.

Our purpose

Redefining the experience of cancer through our trusted legacy in nuclear medicine

As a global leader in radiopharmaceuticals, we have the power to change nuclear medicine. Driven by our purpose that’s firmly built around people—patients, healthcare professionals, employees, and society as a whole—we’re charting a new path forward for millions of people around the world.