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We’ve put together a selection of valuable resources, designed to provide education and support for both nuclear medicine professionals and their patients. From online courses to handy patient guides, our resources are here to assist our partners and those they care for.

The Curium Way

Curium’s purpose, mission, vision and values are firmly built around people – patients, physicians, employees and society as a whole. In this video, Curium employees working in a variety of functions within the organization discuss what inspires them and how their personal purpose aligns with the Curium Way.

Curium’s World Class Manufacturing Facilities

Curium’s vertically-integrated manufacturing network is the largest in the radiopharmaceutical industry, including a molybdenum processing facility, 1 PET facility, 4 large SPECT facilities and 44 PET and SPECT nuclear pharmacies across the United States and Europe. Watch this video to learn more about how our global manufacturing network supports 14 million patients every year.

Understanding Nuclear Medicine

Our bodies have a story to tell and Nuclear Imaging is a vital tool in understanding each story and helping to diagnose disease.  At Curium, we focus on delivering our products to over 35,000 patients who are in need of crucial diagnosis and treatment every day.

Xenon Gas Directions for use (U.S.)

Learn more about our Xenon Gas products and directions for use. Xenon XE 133 Gas and XenotronTM Xenon (Xe133) Gas Dispenser approved for use in US.

Webinar : GALLIUM 68

Le 8 juin 2021, CURIUM PET France a organisé en collaboration avec Eckert & Ziegler un webinar sur le Gallium68. Les principaux thèmes abordés ont été :

  • Intérêt clinique
  • Réalités économiques
  • Le futur du Gallium 68


CURIUM PET France est heureux de partager avec vous le webinar sur l’Intelligence Artificielle qui s’est tenu lors du congrès de médecine nucléaire en novembre 2020.

  • Pourquoi l’Intelligence Artificielle en médecine nucléaire ?
  • Deep learning et imagerie nucléaire des cancers de la prostate
  • Intelligence Artificielle : de la théorie à la pratique

Production by CURIUM PET France

Every night, CURIUM PET France employees invest in producing radiopharmaceuticals to improve patient care on a daily basis. In this video, you will see the key stages of the production.