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In brief

The world’s leading provider of nuclear medicine

At Curium, we have a singular focus – to develop, manufacture and supply world-class radiopharmaceutical products to customers around the globe.

Drawing on years of proven experience, we aim to drive the nuclear medicine industry forward through excellence, reliability and unparalleled service.

Our tagline

Curium: life forward

The name ‘Curium’ honors the legacy of pioneering radioactive researchers Marie and Pierre Curie, after whom the radioactive element curium was named.

‘Life Forward’ represents our commitment to securing a brighter future for all those we serve: An enhanced quality of care for our patients. A trusted partner to our customers. A supportive employer to our valued team.

Our history

A respected heritage

Since our formation in 2017, we have quickly established ourselves as a key player within the nuclear medicine industry.

Behind the relatively young Curium brand lies a long and proven heritage of serving the radiopharmaceutical market since the 1960s.

By leveraging this wealth of experience, we aim to affect lasting industry change, as we lead the way through market-leading products, exceptional service reliability, and continual improvements that drive our customers toward greater success.

Download Curium’s brand brochure.

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Vision, mission & values

Our vision

Our vision is to enhance our global leadership position and grow with our customers as their preferred and trusted partner by best contributing to their success.

We will achieve this by delivering top quality products, ensuring 100% reliable service, offering larger product portfolio and newer solutions, and securing key supplies.

Our mission

For patients

To improve quality of care and health outcomes by providing vital diagnosis and treatment.

For customers

To act as a trusted partner delivering high-quality products, unrivalled reliability, and superior service.

For employees

To fulfill the passion, pride, ambition and future of all employees.

Our values

Our core values drive every aspect of our behavior. Curium is dedicated to the following key principles:


We are committed to deliver quality products and excellent customer service on every order, every day. Curium is committed to secure industry-leading growth by enhancing our operations, investing in our people and bringing reliable products to market that benefit our customers and patients.


We apply the highest standards of excellence and ethics to our products, services and relationships. We operate with honorable decisions and honest, transparent and reliable actions.


We ensure a reliable service for every patient through strong teamwork mentality, and we continue to forge partnerships that are built on trust and accountability.