In brief

Redefining the experience of cancer through our trusted legacy in nuclear medicine

At Curium, we have a singular focus – to develop, manufacture and supply world-class radiopharmaceutical products around the globe. We strive to innovate further in nuclear diagnostics and therapies so we can enhance the lives of people with cancer.

Every day we see the impact that our treatments offer and the potential they have to provide a world beyond cancer and other debilitating conditions. We continue to push boundaries and reach new heights in everything we do, supported by significant investment into new technologies and therapies.

Our tagline

Curium: the beginning

The name ‘Curium’ honors the legacy of pioneering radioactive researchers Marie and Pierre Curie, after whom the radioactive element curium was named.

Today, we build on their legacy with our life-saving diagnostics, reaching over 14 million patients every year. We use our unparalleled expertise to explore the untapped potential of nuclear medicine, providing quality products, quality of care and quality of life. We strive to transform each life we touch.

Our history

A respected heritage, a new dawn

Market-leading products, best-in-class service, reliability and continual improvements cement our role as the global leader in nuclear medicine – a title we’ve held confidently since 2017. Drawing on our years of proven experience, we drive the nuclear medicine industry forward through excellence, reliability and unparalleled service.

Curium has a long and proven legacy of serving the radiopharmaceutical market since the 1960s. Today, a significant transition is upon us that will entirely redefine how we position ourselves in this industry. In short – nuclear medicine is entering a new dawn in innovation. As the global leader, we have the power to change the future of medical diagnostics and therapies, charting a new path for millions of patients around the world.

As part of our 2030 vision to become an oncology-focused nuclear medicine leader – both in diagnostics and therapy – we will expand our reach further into Japan and China, continuing to roll out our world-class products to a global market. The impact of these investments on patients will be life-changing.

Our cancer focus is currently in neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer. We are also working on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to improve image quality and accuracy; to identify patterns to help diagnose pathologies; and of course to better support physicians and nuclear medicine and pharmacy health care professionals

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Vision, mission & values

Our vision

Our vision is to enhance our global leadership position and grow with our customers as their preferred and trusted partner. We will achieve this by delivering top quality products, ensuring 100% reliable service, offering a larger product portfolio and newer solutions.

With passion, perseverance and the support of our brilliant teams, we can change the face of nuclear medicine.

Our mission

For patients

To provide the necessary nuclear diagnostics and therapy that allow for better lives every day.

For customers

To act as a trusted end-to-end solution provider, delivering high-quality products, unrivaled reliability and superior service. To go further, faster.

For employees

To build on our remarkable culture and fulfill the passion, pride, ambition and future of all employees.

Our values

Our core values drive every aspect of our behavior. Curium is dedicated to the following key principles:


We apply the highest standards of excellence and ethics to our products, services and relationships. We operate with honorable decisions and honest, transparent and reliable actions.


We are committed to delivering quality products and customer service on every order, every day. Curium is committed to securing industry-leading growth by enhancing our operations, investing in our people and bringing reliable products to market that benefit our customers and patients. We have a passion for excellence, a vision for growth and understand how to prioritize our focus.


We ensure a reliable service for every patient through a strong teamwork mentality. We treat each other with respect, dignity and equality. We continue to forge partnerships that are built on trust and accountability.