Curium internships


Considering a career in the exciting field of nuclear medicine? A summer internship with Curium will provide you with valuable, hands-on work experience. As an intern, you’ll be working on real issues, real projects and real organizational challenges, as you expand and apply your industry knowledge.

What’s more, your internship will help you stand out as a high potential candidate for future employment, both within and outside of Curium.

What is nuclear medicine?

Nuclear medicine involves the use of special cameras, which are used to track the paths of radioactive tracers as they travel through a patient’s body.

The tracers are either injected into the bloodstream, inhaled or swallowed. As they move through the areas under examination, the tracers emit energy in the form of gamma rays. This energy is detected by the camera and used to create a 3D image.

Nuclear medicine is critical in disease diagnosis, providing a cost-effective, non-invasive means of detecting disease in its earliest stages. Increasingly, radioactive tracers are being used for treatment purposes as well as diagnosis.

What does Curium do?

Curium develops, manufactures and distributes radiopharmaceutical products that lead the industry in quality, efficacy and safety.

By enabling accurate early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as heart, brain and bone diseases, our world-class products empower our customers with more effective treatment, better patient outcomes, and lower costs of care.

How do I apply?

To apply for a summer internship with Curium, please visit our Current Listings page, choose your location, and select “Internship” from the Department field.

Please note: If the word “Internship” does not appear in the Department drop-down menu, this means we do not have any current internships available.