Curium internships


Considering a career in the exciting field of nuclear medicine? An internship with Curium will provide you with valuable, hands-on work experience. As an intern, you’ll be working on real issues, real projects and real organizational challenges, as you expand and apply your industry knowledge.

What’s more, your internship will help you stand out as a high potential candidate for future employment, both within and outside of Curium.

How do I apply?

To apply for an internship with Curium, please visit our Current Listings page, choose your location, and select ‘Internship’ from the Department field.

Please note: If the word ‘Internship’ does not appear in the Department drop-down menu, this means we do not have any current internships available.


Meet some of our recent interns

Karel Zmeskal

Intern at Curium in Prague

“I’m Karel Zmeskal, a third-year economics student at Business Academy Dušní. My experience at Curium has been incredibly positive, and working in the Accounts Payable Department gave me valuable insights into the inner workings of a larger company. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and apply this knowledge to my future career. Curium’s support and mentoring have been invaluable, and I’m confident that this experience will set me apart in the field of economics. Thank you, Curium, for an unforgettable learning experience.”

Ekaterina Krylova

Intern at Curium in Prague

“In Prague I recently completed a two-week internship at Curium in 2023. During my time at Curium I had the opportunity to learn about the company and its products firsthand. I worked closely with Accounts Payables and HR tems, gaining practical insights into their daily tasks. For me, processing invoices and travel expenses was one of the highlights, as it allowed me to apply my knowledge and develop new skills.

What impressed me the most was the support and willingness to help that I received from everyone at Curium. Whether it was learning about the company or understanding the tasks of the Shared Service Centre in Prague, there was always someone available to help.”

Yassine Iklane

Master in Finance at SKEMA Business School

“My experience so far at Curium has helped me to understand the impact of nuclear medicine and its effect on some diseases. Furthermore, I have met many people from many countries and different backgrounds.

Consolidating financial reports, doing financial analysis, gaining confidence and being rigorous are the most valuable skills I’ve learned so far.

What I am enjoying the most are the interactions with people from different countries and working in a transparent environment with an open workspace.”



Domenico Ansaldo

Political Science and Government at the “Università degli Studi di Milano

“Since the beginning I perceived this company as strong, safe, and structured. The position was in line with my professional objectives and what I was looking for jump into the job market.

The most valuable skills I’ve learned so far are the ability to actively listen as well as built up a strong method to approach daily tasks, planning activities and succeed in my goals.

Additionally, I had the chance to make different experience, met people and consequently improve my relational capabilities.

I am enjoying every single part of my journey, like as example: working on administration topics (payroll and time & attendance); managing development projects (SAP SF implementation and training) and working on recruitment, which I’d never had the opportunity to understand so thoroughly.”


Jack DeWaele
Bioengineering Major at Clemson University

“I first heard about Curium from LinkedIn and applied for the QA intern opportunity from there. I checked out the company website and was fascinated by the PET scans of cancer tumors using Curium’s radiopharmaceutical products.

Each day has brought new opportunities and challenges that allow me to grow my skills and industry knowledge. I’ve enjoyed having to break down large projects into manageable, daily tasks and meet with others who help guide me along to my next goal.

Everyone is passionate and dedicated about their work and the products Curium makes. They are very welcoming to new hires and give their time and assistance whenever needed.”


Noah Hankins
Psychology Major at University of Missouri

“I selected Curium for my internship because I was looking for a work environment that was learning friendly and encouraged self-development for their employees. After further research, I found out that Curium was so much more! Curium has a legacy of creating world class nuclear medicine and helping millions annually. I was proud to join the Curium team and I am excited for what the future of nuclear medicine looks like with Curium leading the way.

Curium is a collaborative work culture that is committed to changing the face of nuclear medicine. Through teamwork and creativity, Curium employees develop and manufacture products that lead the industry in quality, efficacy, and innovation.

What I have enjoyed most about my internship in Human Resources thus far is the workplace autonomy. I have been able to apply what I have learned from my psychology degree and have implemented some of that knowledge to achieve my objectives. It is a learning process and my mentors have been extremely insightful, which I appreciate. I also enjoy how every day is different and there is always something new to learn and further my self-development.”


Jake Hagin
MBA Supply-Chain Management and Marketing at Saint Louis University

“I have a Bachelors in Science so I wanted to work in either the bio or pharmaceutical industry. I had never heard much of radiopharmaceuticals aside from PET scans so I was intrigued by the prospect of working in a very niche market that makes products that have the potential to help save lives.

The laid back work environment that allows me to work more flexibly without an abundance of oversight and my coworkers who are extremely helpful explaining concepts and data to me. HR has also been very considerate with regards to checking in with us and helping us understand the ins and outs of Curium. The free bread co has also been nice.”


Quintin Walter
Biological Engineering Major at Purdue University

“I selected this internship because, based on preliminary research on the company and speaking with current employees, Curium offered a great intern experience with a lot of opportunities to learn new skills. I saw this as extremely valuable to the remainder of my schooling and beyond in my future career and wanted to jump on the opportunity as soon as possible.

The most valuable skill that I’ve learned so far is professional teamwork skills. Having the opportunity to work with many different people and projects within R&D has greatly improved my teamwork skills and ability to effectively communicate information within a team.

I am enjoying all of the connections I’ve made with current employees and other interns so far. I believe these are the most valuable things to gain from an internship and grateful I have the opportunity to make these connections.”


Kimberly Carey
Chemical Engineering Major at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

“I selected Curium for my internship because I wanted to gain experience that would allow me to help people and make an impact and Curium is the perfect place for that. Knowing that the product that I am helping make is going to potentially save lives is a very rewarding experience.

The most valuable skill that I have learned so far is the importance of teamwork and communication. When we communicate and work together as a team, we are able to do so much more and address and prevent issues.

I would describe the company culture as very fast-paced, collaborative, and passionate. Everyone here is working very hard and is passionate about their job and what a difference it makes in people’s lives.”


Eric Meyer
Business Administration – Finance; History Major at University of Missouri – Columbia

“I selected Curium because I strongly aligned with the values of the company and thought that this intern experience provided me with the best opportunity to learn the technical aspects of a job in corporate finance, while still giving me the opportunity to have professional development with other interns under a different emphasis.

So far, my internship has been very fun. Whether it is going to office or having the chance to interact with my fellow interns, each day brings a new experience that I can learn and grow from, improving my skills along the way.

The most valuable skill I am learning is how to navigate various finance related software programs. Learning to navigate systems like JD Edwards, Infor XA, and Insight will help me gain the technical skills I need to perform a job. Even if a company does not use the same software, learning these tools help me to obtain an understanding in the outline what an organization will try to accomplish.

What I am enjoying most about the internship is getting to sit with different members of the finance team and learn about the technical side of each role within the department. Whether it is sitting with an accountant to help close the books, observing how cash flows are managed, or seeing how the company handles accounts receivable and accounts payable, getting the opportunity to observe different roles helps me to see where I would fit in a future career. Getting the chance to practically apply what I learn is also enjoyable because it allows me to see the progress I have been making.”


Erendira Radichel
Applied Technology Major at Brigham Young University-Idaho

“Interning at Curium has been a good experience and I have a great opportunity to learn more about their products and process.

I don’t have deadlines like normally, so it gives me the opportunity to think creativity to solve solutions. I organize my tasks a head of time before my boss or my mentor asks me about it.”


Ethan Mullane
Nuclear Engineering Major at Missouri University of Science and Technology

“While I want to focus on my academia and get my degree, I also want to make sure I gain enough experience in the multiple fields of nuclear engineering I could find a career in. Having worked at the Missouri S&T Test Reactor in Rolla and seeing the health physics techs do their tasks around the facility, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door with Curium’s health physics department.

My internship experience at Curium has been more than I could have hoped for. I was extremely excited to begin work at Curium and that excitement was not unwarranted. I am appreciative of what I have learned working with the other HP’s and have gotten much more than just a few projects. Learning the ins and outs of the facility has been a lot easier with the ability to roam Curium freely during surveys and other duties.

Curium’s company culture is a mix of professionalism with a lighthearted twist. All the people that work here seem to know each other on a first name basis and waving to other employees while moving around site is a consistent phenomenon. There are many employees who have stayed with Curium for decades and it creates a very tight knit community that gets along well for a corporate setting.”


Keagan Smith
Pre-Pharmacy Major at Purdue University

“My father told me about the internship, and I was immediately intrigued. I want to minor in nuclear pharmacy. I find the work at Curium very interesting and very similar to the career path I want to follow.

So far, I would say the most valuable experience is the GMP documentation practice. I’m sure whatever career path I pursue in the future, it will involve GMP. This internship is gifting me a phenomenal perspective of GMP in a professional environment.

I’m enjoying the collaboration with colleagues at Curium the most. Whenever I have a question, I can find someone with the answer. I also like working with my department to solve a problem or reach a goal. I have learned a lot about communicating and collaborating in a professional environment.”


Bethany Tennyson
Pre-Medical Physics Major at Purdue University

“My internship experience so far has exceeded my expectations. I really enjoy the people I work with and feel involved in many of the daily tasks and projects. I have learned so much and the people in my department are extremely helpful and patient.

There are many skills that I have acquired over the past few weeks, including surveying, source checking, calibrating, GDP/GMP, etc. However, I feel that one of the skills that I have found the most valuable so far (besides radiation safety of course) is the use of Power BI Reporting. I came into this intern position with no knowledge on the importance of reporting for certain processes to run smoothly until I was assigned my intern project. I decided to use Power BI as my reporting method because of the ties that the program has with SharePoint, as well as all its programming and reporting capabilities. When I started to learn how to use this program, I was nervous and could not figure out how to make the program perform certain tasks. Now, I’ve learned how to use the program well enough to display decay tables, format, show when short-lived and long-lived waste is ready for disposal, and much more. I can see this skill, or even reporting in general, being useful in a variety of fields I can see myself being a part of in the future.

I would describe the company culture at Curium as helpful and encouraging. I feel extremely welcomed as an intern, and I am able to ask many questions, in and out of my department. I have also been encouraged by several members to be a part of daily projects.”


Kaitlyn Boozer
Chemistry Major at University of Missouri-Columbia

“This experience has given me many opportunities to gain real world experience in my field of study. I have learned so much already and am excited to keep learning and growing as I continue this internship.

The most valuable skill I’ve learned is that there’s no shame in asking for help. One of the best ways to solve a problem is by working as a team with others in the department. We have so much to learn from each other.

Curium’s company culture is driven and innovative. Everyone I’ve met shares these qualities to work towards a common goal of success.”


Sushrut Lokhande
Industrial Engineering and Management Major at Oklahoma State University

“I did my due diligence with respect to researching the company and its supply chain. Curium stood out for me because of the critical and time-sensitive nature of its supply chain, given that it’s a radioactive pharmaceutical manufacturing company. I believe an internship here can help me learn more about the field and enhance my problem-solving skills.

I think Curium has a well-connected, transparent culture that aims to mutually benefit the company and the employees. It’s nurturing towards the team and effective in terms of operations.”


Isaac Petrofsky
Mechanical Engineering Major at University of Missouri

“So far, I’ve been working on many small projects as opposed to a single big project. I’m still learning so I need to ask a lot of questions, but the people around me are always more than happy to give me guidance.

The most valuable skill that I’m learning is good communication. Communication is essential to making sure that changes to a process are as beneficial and helpful as they can be.

I am enjoying that I’m able to learn about the industry and what it’s like to work an engineering position.”


Nathan Jackson
Nuclear Engineering Major at Missouri University of Science and Technology

“I chose to intern at Curium because I wanted to apply my knowledge of engineering and challenge myself with project management, which is a new field to me. Additionally, I wanted to explore companies in the radiopharmaceuticals field.

The project management aspect of engineering has been an exceptionally useful skill to learn. It is not taught in a university setting, so getting hands on experience is the only way to learn.

What I’m most enjoying about this internship is getting to interact with experienced engineers and specialists in a field that is very different to what I have learned about.”


Daniel Prestin
Nuclear Engineering Major at Purdue University

“So far, my internship experience has been exemplary. I have gone through the training period and I have started to work on several projects with different teams that are important to the company. I have also shadowed the operators and learned about the operation and maintenance that is required to run a cyclotron.

The skill that I have improved the most and that will have the greatest effect on my career moving forward is networking. Being able to work in person, as a part of several different teams, and learning from many people each day has been and will be very valuable to me moving forward.

The company culture at Curium is very open. I find it easy to ask questions and everyone is very helpful and encourages my learning from others. Knowledge is shared easily, and I am invited to observe various discussions and operations which is a great help to learning about the nuclear pharmaceutical industry.”