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28th January 2018

Curium One-Year Anniversary Marked by Landmark Achievements

(Paris and St. Louis) January 29, 2018 – In a year punctuated with financial success, industry recognition, new product development, and regulatory achievements, Curium, the world’s premier nuclear medicine solutions provider, marks its first anniversary today.

Curium was established through the successful joining of two nuclear medicine powerhouses – IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC. With the union of the two companies a year ago, Curium instantly became the largest, vertically integrated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing network in the industry, including one global Molybdenum production facility, three large SPECT manufacturing facilities, and nearly 40 PET and SPECT nuclear pharmacies.

“Our name Curium was inspired by the legendary radiation research scientists, Marie and Pierre Curie, and reflects our singular focus on improving the quality of health outcomes through life-saving diagnostics and treatment,” says Renaud A. Dehareng, Curium CEO. “Our commitment is to develop, manufacture and supply SPECT, PET, and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to our customers around the globe.” The company now serves more than 14 million patients annually world-wide by providing diagnostic products for a wide range of diseases affecting the thyroid, lungs, liver, bones, brain, heart, glands, kidneys and joints.

“During our first year in business as Curium, we experienced solid financial performance, which will help us chart our own future,” says Dehareng. “We are making significant investments to accelerate our growth through new product development and acquisitions. The field of nuclear medicine is constantly evolving and our sole focus on the industry will help maintain our leadership position.”

Because nuclear medicine relies on uranium-based medical isotopes, Curium was the first to respond to the National Nuclear Security Administration’s call to eliminate weapons grade uranium from medical isotopes. By late 2017, Curium became the first North American manufacturer to meet the deadline established by the American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2012 with full conversion to low enriched uranium (LEU). “It’s a significant first year accomplishment. We’ve been able to support global nuclear nonproliferation, while continuing to deliver safe and reliable diagnostic tools to doctors and hospitals,” said North American Curium CEO Dan Brague. “We continue to invest in new research and technology, and there’s much more to come.”

Within a year of Curium’s formation, the company quickly established itself as a principal player in the industry. Accomplished under the leadership of Renaud A. Dehareng, it is an honor that Curium’s CEO was named as one of the top CEOs in the United States in CEO Today Magazine’s 2017 awards edition.


Curium is a world-class nuclear medicine solutions provider with more than a century of industry experience. Formed by the union of IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC, Curium is the largest vertically integrated radiopharmaceutical product manufacturer in the industry.

With manufacturing facilities across Europe and the United States, Curium supports over 14 million patients around the world with SPECT, PET, and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to provide potentially life-saving diagnostic solutions. The Curium brand name is inspired by the work of radiation researchers Marie and Pierre Curie and emphasizes a focus on nuclear medicine. To learn more, visit

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