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4th September 2019

Curium Announces Revised Pricing for Technescan MAG3TM (kit for the preparation of technetium Tc 99m mertiatide)

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(St. Louis, MO – September 4, 2019) – Curium announced today that it is implementing a new pricing model for Technescan MAG3. Curium is phasing out its pay per dose sales model, in which Curium supplies a vial of Technescan MAG3 to a nuclear pharmacy and the nuclear pharmacy pays Curium a designated price for each dose that it compounds and dispenses to its customers. Curium is transitioning to a price per vial approach. The average price per vial currently being established is approximately $625 for most U.S. customers. This change provides a simplified approach that customers tell us will benefit their operations.

“After careful review of our sales approach, we are making this change to simplify the tracking and reporting demands of our customers and provide them a clearer picture of their supply costs,” said Curium CEO, North America, Dan Brague. “The transition will likely take several months to implement but will be a focal point for our sales team during the second half of 2019. We look forward to partnering with our customers on this new approach and continuing to learn how we can better serve their needs.”

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