18th December 2017

Curium’s Renaud Dehareng receives top USA CEO award 2017!

Newly formed company assumes leadership position in under a year

Paris, France and St Louis, Missouri, December 18, 2017 — Curium is pleased to announce that CEO Today Magazine has named its chief executive officer, Renaud Dehareng, as one of USA’s top CEOs in its 2017 Awards edition.

Curium was formed just under a year ago, is in early 2017, following the merger of two cross-Atlantic companies, IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC. In that time, under Dehareng’s leadership, Curium has become the world’s largest global nuclear medicine company and has quickly established itself as a principal player in the industry.

Since 2012, when he took over leadership of IBA Molecular, Renaud Dehareng’s analytical and strategic business approach has been a defining factor in growth from a small European loss-making company to a successful global leader.

The CEO Today USA Awards celebrate the success, innovation and strategic vision of CEOs across a number of sectors and industries within the country. Receiving this award is a tremendous recognition for Renaud Dehareng. It acknowledges him as one of the most outstanding and forward-thinking leaders in business today, and underscores his strength in pushing the envelope in business, as well as his ability to pull together the best team and empower them to perform at the highest level.

“It is a wonderful honor and very humbling to receive this top award”, Renaud Dehareng said upon receiving the recognition. “Our performance in this past year is a clear indication that we are on a solid path to delivering growth — for ourselves, for our customers, and our investors. It’s been a fantastic start for Curium and I’m grateful for the support of a hard-working team. Our strategy of becoming a vertically integrated institution is proving to be successful for our business model, and we fully intend to leverage Curium’s unique global infrastructure to bring a new level of client service with emphasis on compliance, service reliability, operational excellence, and new product development.”

View the awards publication here.

About Curium
Curium is the world’s largest global nuclear medicine company, formed through the union in January 2017 of IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC, two well-respected names in nuclear imaging. With over 100 years of combined experience in the nuclear industry, Curium has a singular focus – to develop, manufacture and supply SPECT, PET and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to our customers around the globe. It has the largest, vertically integrated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing networks in the industry. Our unique size has opened up new opportunities to utilize its scale, global reach, manufacturing footprint and an unrivalled logistics and distribution network to deliver superior service that customers can rely upon every day.

Annually, Curium delivers diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to over 14 million people from a global network of manufacturing centers comprised of one Molybdenum facility, three large SPECT facilities and close to 40 PET & SPECT nuclear radiopharmacies Its customer base counts over 6,000 public and private hospitals, nuclear pharmacies and imaging centers in over 60 countries. Curium customers can expect best-in-class products, exceptional service reliability, a large and diverse product portfolio, a relentless pursuit of stable isotope supply, and a commitment to develop and launch new products.


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