CEO Healthcare Award 2018

6th September 2018

Curium’s Renaud Dehareng recognized with CEO Healthcare Award 2018

Curium is pleased to announce that CEO Today Magazine has named its chief executive officer, Renaud Dehareng, as one of the top CEOs in its 2018 Healthcare Awards edition.

Renaud founded Curium in 2017 with a vision of developing the largest global platform in nuclear medicine focused on reliable supply of radioactive pharmaceuticals and innovation. Today, Curium is a vertically-integrated institution producing a full portfolio of nuclear medicine products, utilizing 60 production sites and nearly 2,000 employees across the world, to diagnose and treat 35,000 patients a day.
In the first 18 months, Curium achieved significant milestones in its innovation program, most notably:
* First supplier that fully converted from highly enriched uranium (weapons-grade) to offer exclusively 100% low enriched uranium generators to the world market, culminating more than 7 years of work
* Launched Xenon Xe133 Gas for the evaluation of pulmonary function and lung imaging
* Developed 5 other new products focusing on key areas of cancer and neurology diagnosis. All 5 expected to reach market in 2019 and early 2020.
* Identified over 200 new products in clinical development that are currently under review for in-licensing or co-investment

Devoted to celebrating the success and hard work of healthcare professionals around the world, the CEO Today Healthcare Awards recognizes the most elite innovators and specialists making a difference to improve our world today. The CEO Today Healthcare Awards bring together companies that go above and beyond in business, and the executives and leaders that make this important progress possible. Receiving this award is a tremendous recognition for Renaud Dehareng.  It acknowledges his achievements of pulling Curium together to deliver the value proposition in nuclear medicine with existing products, and to now utilize this infrastructure, assets, skills and people to bring innovation into the nuclear medicine market.

View the awards publication here.