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25th January 2022

Curium to become major player in the supply on non carrier added Lu-177


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(London – 25/01/2022) – Today Curium has announced a technology license agreement granting access to ECZACIBAŞI MONROL NÜKLEER ÜRÜNLER SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş non carrier added Lutetium 177. Curium also announced it will be funding the associated capital investment to build a production facility of 15000 Ci per annum on its Petten site in the Netherlands.

Curium’s Petten assets are co-located with the world’s largest research reactor and the site is already a world leader in the production of reactor based isotopes, the addition of Lutetium 177 will build on this leadership.

Earlier in the year Curium announced the initiation of its ECLIPSE phase three registration trial for its proprietary LuPSMA in the treatment of patients with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer.

John Sylvester CEO of Curium’s SPECT and International businesses commented “this is a major milestone in the Curium’s transformation to an oncology therapy company. It builds on our philosophy of reliability of supply being the secret to success in Nuclear Medicine. In addition to serving our internal needs we have the proven global supply chain and sufficient capacity to serve the rapidly growing market for Lu-177 for therapeutic use”.

He went on say “We are delighted with Monrol as a technology partner. After extensive benchmarking this technology gave both the highest quality product with the most efficient process. As it is already proven and ‘plug and play’ in nature, the time to market will be very short”.

“Curium’s global reach and scale make them ideal partners for our world leading technology, and we are very pleased to announce them as partners” commented Mr. Aydin Kucuk General Manager of Monrol. Please direct all enquires in the first instance to:


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