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21st december 2022

Curium’s 14 million patients to benefit from regular supply of Mo-99 and TC-99

Forecast of no further supply chain challenges for nuclear medicine industry

(Paris – 21 December, 2022),

Curium, the world’s leading nuclear medicine company, announced today that with the successful restarting of the BR2 research reactor in Belgium on 20 December, Curium’s supply of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) and iodine-131 is continuing as usual.  This follows a shortage of Mo-99 that the entire global nuclear medicine industry experienced in November of this year.

Ciril Faia, Curium CEO SPECT Europe commented: “Curium is committed to ensuring that its operations return to normal as quickly as possible, and we are pleased not only with being able to again provide a reliable supply of Mo-99 that our customers have historically enjoyed from Curium, but also that the risk of further shortages has been eliminated. A reliable supply of Mo-99 is critically important for the 40 million patients every year around the world who undergo SPECT scans to diagnose life-critical diseases. With the outlook of the global reactors’ schedules similar to that of previous years, for 2023 we foresee no further supply chain challenges.”

Despite the recent global shortage of Mo-99, with an industry supply chain track-record  that has proven to be resilient over the past ten years, Curium is committed to ensuring that its operations remain steadily reliable through massive investments so it can serve its 14 million patients annually.