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Xenotron™ I

Xenon (Xe 133) Gas Dispenser

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Product information

The Xenotron™ I Dispenser is intended to be a delivery system used to transfer Xenon Xe 133 Gas from a unit dose vial to a radionuclide rebreathing system.

A radionuclide rebreathing system is a device intended to be used to contain a gaseous or volatile radionuclide or a radionuclide-labeled aerosol and permit it to be respired by the patient during nuclear medicine ventilatory tests.

Not made with natural rubber latex
Components are not made with natural rubber latex.

To provide adequate radiation protection, use Catalog No. 048 Xe 133 Vial Shield when transferring Xenon Xe 133 gas.

Indication & Usage

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Important risk information

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Frequently asked questions

Instructions for use are provided with each Xenotron I.  You may also review a short video demonstration.  You may also download the Xenotron™ I User Directions.

The Xenotron™ I Xenon (Xe 133) Gas Dispenser components are not made with natural rubber latex.

Call Curium Pharmacovigilance / Product Monitoring Department at 866.789.2211.

Order information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # NDC
Xenotron™ I Replacement Bulb n/a n/a N015A0
Xenotron™ I Stopcock/Interconnect n/a n/a N047A0
Xenotron™ I Xenon (Xe 133) Gas Dispenser n/a n/a N046A0

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