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Radioaerosol Delivery System

This information is intended for U.S. healthcare professionals only.

Product information

System is designed for aerosol delivery of a technetium-based drug to the lung in performing diagnostic inhalation studies, and intended for use with fully compatible shield to provide radiation protection. System components include the single-use Ultravent ventilation kit, which contains a radioaerosol generator, manifold fitted with aerosol trap (bacterial filter), plastic tubing, noseclip, air/O2 interconnector and mouthpiece. The multi-use Ultravent shield completes the system.


Indication & Usage

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Important risk information

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Frequently asked questions

Ventilation kits distributed by Curium are exclusively packaged 10 kits per box. Individual units may be available through other local suppliers.

Ultravent Shields or Ventilation Kits can be ordered through your local Sales Representative, or our Customer Service Department at 888.744.1414, option 1 then option 2.  Orders are accepted Monday – Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. CST.

Call Curium Pharmacovigilance / Product Monitoring Department at 866.789.2211

Order information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # NDC
Ultravent Ventilation Kit, 10/pack 1 Box N684A0
Ultravent Shield 1 Each N685A0

Product contact information

Maryland Heights