Location information

Curium Prague, Czech Republic

Curium is a world-class nuclear medicine solutions provider with more than a century of industry experience. We are proud to service over 14 million patients worldwide each year and strive to provide best-in-class quality products and exceptional, reliable service. Our Prague Shared Service Center is a critical enabler of our mission.

From our offices in Prague we support Curium’s European and International business across a wide range of services. Our work is focused on activities in Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service, Sales Operations, Demand Management and IT.

Our operations in Prague started small, with 35 colleagues in 2017. We have held a steady growth trajectory in the last years and we currently have over 120 smart and enthusiastic colleagues in Prague.

Our Office Life

As the team continues to grow, we aim at keeping the atmosphere to that of a much smaller collective. We strive to offer our employees a “family-like” feeling when they come to work every day. Saying “good morning” to each other while getting the first coffee of the day, enjoying lunch together in the kitchen or celebrating birthdays; those are the kind of small things that are important for us to keep that atmosphere. Our Prague Social Committee additionally organizes activities for our colleagues outside of the office, such as a hiking trip or a movie night together.

At Curium we recognize the importance of giving back to our local communities, which is why we have an ongoing partnership with an organization supporting children from families in difficult circumstances. All of our team is participating in this charity work in one way or another.

We also pride ourselves in having a diverse international environment. The more than 23 nationalities represented in our Prague office bring a rich array of perspectives and cultural backgrounds to our workplace. This feature speaks directly to the global presence and impact of our company.

Our Work

Working for Curium is quite unique. We are the global leader in the nuclear medicine sector. Framed within a highly regulated environment such as the pharmaceutical industry, keeping our agility as we grow bigger will be one of our challenges for the upcoming years.

Our people and their dedication are at the heart of making Curium successful and are the very essence who we are as a business. At our offices in Prague, we focus on the professional development of our employees. We provide them with jobs with a high degree of complexity where they can make an immediate impact in the organization.

We also view work flexibility, autonomy and trust as critical to team success and create an environment where these can flourish. Within that setting, we want to offer all our employees in Prague the opportunity to truly make a difference helping others and positively impacting the lives of our patients when they most need it.


Lucie Kopřivová

Senior Financial Accountant

“I joined the Finance team in Curium in 2017 as a Senior GL Logistics Accountant, focusing mainly on upcoming acquisitions.

Working for a company that with its products helps people handle some of the most difficult times of their lives is extremely fulfilling. We had the chance to meet some of the patients we helped and we listened to their stories, which made a difference to me. I also had the opportunity to become familiar with our fascinating range of products. Because of the nature of our industry, it is challenging to cover the entire accounting process from a logistics and communication perspective, but this complexity makes the job even more interesting.

The professionalism and friendliness of my colleagues in the Prague office helped me to quickly and smoothly adapt to the position from the very beginning. In addition, stability of the team, as well as the kind personalities and positive attitude has led to us being not only teammates, but also becoming friends.”


Gabriela Kleinová

HR Director

“While joining the company I had two other offers on the table and decided to go for Curium. Why? I liked the atmosphere and the people smiling! I simply felt that if the people around the office are happy and smiling, it would be no different for me. I wanted to be part of the team.

I have never regretted joining Curium. We are team of enthusiastic, friendly people from more than 20 nationalities. We care about each other, we like to spend the time together and value small but important things such as celebrating and wishing a Happy Birthday to each member of our teams.

What I can promise is that in Curium we will try to make you feel good with us and that you will never get bored!”


Gabriela Orezeanu

E1 Support Manager

“What first comes to mind when I think of work is friends, team, and partnership. For me, this office is the essence of diversity, from a cultural perspective to the level and type of professional experience everyone brings.

I moved to Prague for a job here in 2013. I wanted the experience of working abroad, and a Customer Service role in a pharma company going through a spin-off sounded exciting. I had no idea of course what was coming my way, but it’s been well worth it. It’s helped me grow both professionally and personally, and although I’m pleased about getting into people management roles and now switching to IT, what I’m most proud of is the level of confidence that has come with a work experience surrounded and supported by great people.”


Ludka Zunová

HRBP UK, Germany, Nordics

“I am passionate about working in one of the biggest leaders in the pharma industry worldwide. Curium is a rapidly expanding company, which means that I and my colleagues have plenty of challenging assignments every day.

In 2018, I was given the opportunity to move from the Payroll department to HR Operations. I really appreciate having had the opportunity to build up new skills here in the Curium HR Team. It has been a wonderful, rewarding and challenging year for me as I had the chance to work with colleagues form whom I could learn so much.

I like being encouraged to take on new and exciting opportunities. I love my job because no day is ever the same, which really helps me stay focused and interested. What is more, I feel that my manager has an open-door policy and listens to my concerns.

The working environment is definitely great here in Prague – we come together, and this keeps the environment kind, friendly and intimate and maintains close working relationships. My colleagues usually have a smile on their face, which makes a big difference to me! I believe that this is one of the things that makes Curium such a great place to work.”